Thursday, March 15, 2012

Owen Meany - One of my top 10 favorites of all time!

John Irving's Beloved Classic: Now Available in E-Book, and with an Excerpt from his New Novel, In One Person!

A Prayer for Owen Meany
A Prayer for Owen Meany
By John Irving

In the summer of 1953, two eleven-year-old boys—best friends—are playing in a Little League baseball game in Gravesend, New Hampshire. One of the boys hits a foul ball that kills the other boy's mother. The boy who hits the ball doesn't believe in accidents; Owen Meany believes he is God's instrument. What happens to Owen after that 1953 foul ball is extraordinary.

A Prayer for Owen Meany is now available as an e-book and includes an excerpt to his latest novel, In One Person, which goes on sale May 8. For more with John Irving, visit his website and become a fan of A Prayer for Owen Meany on Facebook

The Hunger Games Most Pressing Questions!

Here are some questions I want to throw out to the universe before the movie opens

What books or stories does HG remind you of

What symbolism is used (i.e. mockingjay)

What commentary is the author trying to make
What lessons are learned
What moral and ethical questions are raised
What governments may be reflected in this story
If you had to write a thesis on this book, what would you base it on

What skill could you have shown the judges

What character do you identify with

Why do you think people find it okay to teach myths   Thesus and the Minotaur (which was the inspiration for this book), and historical events including the Holocaust and  Native American history, but are protesting this book?

And most importantly...Team Gale or Team Peeta?