Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Lacuna

Wow!  When you pick up a Barbara Kingslover book you can pretty much be assured that you will be in for a great ride.  Lacuna did not disappoint.  As my friends will attest I love when an author researches something so thoroughly that I, A.-feel like I was actually present in the setting, B.-feel smarter, and C.-Learn about something in an easy-peasy format because the author did all the hard work!

So, I spent a few weeks last month in Mexico City my good friends, the Riveras!  It was amazing.  I did a little diving, baked some bread, (I have the perfect technique down!) the Trotsky's stopped by and then I ended up in the McCarthy era "witch-hunt" trials.  Exhausting, but satisfying.

Lisa/Frida and her eyebrows were the perfect hosts for our book club.  Attendees wore their finest and there were margaritas and empanadas for all!

On an interesting side note, one of my husband's and my favorite lunch spots is Don Julio's in White Bear Lake.  (Amazing grilled Tilapia smothered in scallops and shrimp for $12!) Because calla lilies are one of my very favorite flowers I always want to sit in the room with the cool calla lily picture.  You can imagine my delight when we went there last week and I took a closer look and lo and behold it was a Diego Rivera print.   And there was Frida's little maid walking through the market with her basket of flowers!

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Lisa said...

Excellent report Carrin!
I loved this book as well. I learned so much history. And for the record, I think I would rather look like Barbara Kingsolver than Frida.
! Que Lastima!!