Saturday, February 23, 2008

The House of Mondavi; the rise and fall of an American wine dynasty

So are you all loving this book? I will be done by Monday I think, if anyone wants it. Don't loose my Post-its! That's what my Chapter Chat name should be....Post-it Girl!!!


White Bear Girl said...

Hey eeryone...
Two questions I will be asking, so put your thinking caps on.

1. Name 1 thing you found fascinating about ths story

2. Choose one (biological)family member... thinking about any business, and each of your strengths..what could each of you bring to the table that wuld make a business successful!

Lisa aka Liz, Raven said...

You are an awesome blogger, where is everyone else?

White Bear Girl aka Sophie Clucker said...

Have you found the connection between this book and one of our reads from last year>

go to
It's amazing!