Monday, July 12, 2010

What The Dog Saw

I have just finished a WONDERFUL book by Malcom Gladwell, called "What the Dog Saw"  ("Tipping Point")  It would be an amazing read for Book Club.  A little different but fascinating, and impossible to NOT have a great discussion

"You don't start at the top if you want to find the story. You start in the middle, because it's the people in the middle who do the actual work in the world," writes Gladwell in the preface to WHAT THE DOG SAW. In each piece, he offers a glimpse into the minds of a startling array of fascinating characters. "We want to know what it feels like to be a doctor," he insists, rather than what doctors do every day, because "Curiosity about the interior life of other people's day-to-day work is one of the most fundamental of human impulses." Like no other writer today, Gladwell satisfies this impulse brilliantly, energizing and challenging his readers.

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