Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Time, Legend of Garrison Fitch by Samuel B. White

What a ride!  And I don't mean in a DeLorean.  This first in a series is one of my favorite time traveling books.  Interestingly enough I stumbled upon it because I was looking for a book to discuss during a sailing ministry at church.  

You know that I have pretty strong feelings about Christian Fiction.  I have been delighted by some but worry when people try to box God into a single genre.  It can  feel forced or caned. How dare one dictate where the sacred can be found.  So I googled "The Best Christian Fiction"  (because who wouldn't want that?) and a review of  "Lost Time" came up. It was the third book in a trilogy so I immediately ordered the first in the series which was appropriately named "First Time, The Legend of Garrison Fitch"

Mr. White has woven a fascinating tale of Garrison Fitch a scientist who grew up geographically in what we know as the United States but it is Soviet ruled. The United States as we know it only lasted for a few years in the 1700s. But then, through a time traveling experiment/accident he winds up back in the 1700s. When he returns it is to a United States that has been altered to what we know as reality today.  Should he stay?  Should he go back?

All time travel authors need to make decisions about time travel.  
1.  Do the travelers need some sort of device to travel or is it spontaneous.  
2.  Can they control the travel
3.  Can they alter the future by traveling to the past

White chooses vehicular, quasi controlled travel with obvious alterations, and that's where the fun begins.  This is such a great choice for book clubs because there is so much to discuss.  I would happily provide a brief discussion guide upon request but don't want to include any spoilers here.

Sam White is a minister, writer and cartoonist living in the Texas panhandle. He is married, has two teenage boys, as well as a cat and a dog, and prompted me to get about my blogging!


Kathiey said...

This book looks really interesting to me. I think I will head out to Borders and pick it up if they have it. If not I will order it from Amazon. Thanks for the suggestion:-)

Carrin Mahmood said...

Kathiey, I love time travel and this was a good one!

Lisa said...

looks good!