Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Hunger Games

Some books are best sellers because they are just plain enjoyable reads (guilty as charged with with Janet Evanovitch! and the Stephanie Plum series)  Some are best sellers because they are well written and thought provoking like Harry Potter, The Help, and so many more.  The Hunger Games falls into the latter.  The series is wonderful! Suzanne Collins weaves action, adventure, mythology, sci-fi, romance, and philosophy into the book.  My son recognizes some of this from being a fan of the Percy Jackson series! It is a perfect book club read because there is an endless amount of topics for discussion.  If I was a ratings kind of blogger I would give it 5 stars.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should come up with something clever like Willy Waffles , waffles...perhaps cars!!!
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Kathiey said...

I am reading the first book now. I am still hoping that all survive:-)

Carrin Mahmood said...

LOL Kathiey, You sound just like me. I'm afraid I would write the sappiest books ever because I would love my characters so much and wouldn't want them to face any thing bad!!